The Wawel


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This "Finest Quality Wawel Chocolates" box came from the Goodwill Store. The neck is shaped from red oak and stained to match the color of the box. I shaped the headstock in an attempt the reflect the little gold decorations on the corners of the chocolate box. The fingerboard, tailpiece, bridge and nut are all made from a natural color oak. The fingerboard was notched out at fret positions and the notches were filled with a contrasting color of wood filler. Brass screws not only hold the fingerboard in place, but also mark the key fret locations. The bridge is mounted on a pair of bolts and its height is adjustable. As it is, the action is low enough that it can be played with a slide or as fretless guitar. Several coats of lacquer were applied to the box and neck, and it looks pretty good,

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