The Cookie Tin


Etsy Featured Item 12-14-06
This one is a 21.5 inch scale guitar/banjo using a large cookie tin as a resonating body. Maple neck and fingerboard with a hand cut nut and a stove bolt bridge. The first 12 frets are marked with a contrasting wood filler, and key frets are indicated by the screws which also serve to hold the fingerboard down. A large bent spoon acts as the tailpiece. The sound is very reverby with a loud attack and short sustain similar to a banjo. This is my second attempt at using a tin for a body (the first was a disaster) and it came out better than I had hoped.


Michi Regier said...

heya - love your instruments! Got any other 4-stringers, especially banjo types?

Christopher said...

I'm working on a banjo right now, but I have to figure out a good way to reinforce the neck to withstand the tension of 5 strings.