The Scalloped Maduro


This is a collection of experiments that came together into one little guitar that is very different from any of the others I've made so far. Two of the strings run through holes in the headstock into reversed tuning machines. I also used bridge pins to secure the strings rather than a tailpiece. The biggest departure though, is the scalloping of the neck in between the first 4 frets. This is an ancient method of creating a fingerboard. Because of this primitive fingerboard, the guitar is tuned EAD, like the first three strings of a standard guitar, rather than the open slide tuning I normally use. I decided to use nylon strings so the neck will not get chewed up when fretting. Although they have a good sound, these strings have the unfortunate side effect of lowering the volume output. There are also some issues with stray glue marring the finish, but overall it is an interesting piece.

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