El Toro de Nicaragua


I had doubts about the possibilities of this box, but it has turned out to be one of the best sounding guitars I've made yet, with a nice banjo-like punch. My doubts stemmed from the thinness of the cigar box. It is only about an inch thick. Usually, the volume of the finished product is affected greatly by the size of the box, so I thought I would need to install some kind of resonator to increase volume. I found this tin that looked like the perfect size and embedded it into the soundboard. The neck and nut are made of maple. The bridge and fingerboard are made from reclaimed redwood. If you look closely you can still see remnants of the image that was originally printed on the redwood. I've used alternating silver and brass screws to mark fret positions. This is a relatively short guitar, less than 29 inches long with a 21 inch scale.

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